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Why Use ResumeBoss For Physician Assistants?

 Made By Physician Assistants

Clinical speciality and setting specific resume details with a single click, and even lets you easily include your clinical rotation details! 
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 Best Resume Templates

Five distinct resume templates designed to quickly capture an HR gatekeeper's eye, and move your resume into the hiring manager's hands! 
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 Dream Job Match Check Score

Uses AI to quickly compare your resume to your Dream PA Job and provides action steps to improve your match score increasing employer interest in YOU!
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 Cover Letter Builder Included

Generate a cover letter using a template matching your resume, featuring the "Big 5" questions every cover letter needs to answer.
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 Fast & Easy To Use

Drag and drop ready-made clinical content perfectly tailored to a PA resume in a single click, which you can edit FAST!
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 Expert Tips At Every Step

Our resume builder is packed with expert tips written by professional healthcare recruiters to help guide you at each stage of your resume draft.
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 Professional Resume Builder

Our resume builder is packed with expert tips to show you how to make each part of your resume.

 Cover Letter Builder

Generate a cover letter using a template matching your resume. Build your cover letter here.

 Hundreds of Free Samples

Explore top resume examples and cover letter examples for all jobs and industries to get a job in no time.

ResumeBoss is an exceptional online tool for creating professional resumes with ease. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make the PA resume-building process seamless and efficient.

Why Is ResumeBoss The Best For PA Resumes?

FIVE Resume Templates Designed Just For PAs

Professional Easy To Use Templates

Choose traditional, professional, elegant, creative, or modern resume templates from ResumeBoss. Our resume maker provides a selection of FIVE different templates to suit your needs.

With ResumeBoss, you can effortlessly customize colors, select font sizes and adjust your layout to match your preferred resume format.

You can even switch between template options with just a mouse click until you find the one you LOVE.

Insight Tips From Experts

Built-In Drafting Tips From Experts

With ResumeBoss, you can bid farewell to the stress of trying to figure out the "right way" to draft your PA resume.

Our intuitive builder will seamlessly guide you through the entire process, providing step-by-step assistance. Simply click the "Expert Tip" icon built into the software, and get answers to the most common questions at each building stage.  

These Expert Tips have been developed by our team of elite-level Career Coaches, including PA hiring managers and seasoned healthcare recruiters, who possess extensive experience in assisting PAs land the Dream Jobs in even the most competitive hiring environments.

Customize Your Resume

Only Resume Builder Built By PAs, For PAs

Say goodbye to relying on generic resume templates, or other one-size-fits-all resume software developed by people who don't know a thing about being a physician assistant.

ResumeBoss was developed by elite-level physician assistants in close collaboration with experienced healthcare recruiters responsible for PA hiring.  Our experts have infused all that knowledge and experience into the ResumeBoss software.

All you need to do is choose the speciality, subspecialty and clinical setting the best reflects your experience, choose the best bullet point options, and add personal unique details to make it YOURS.  

Cover Letter Builder Is INCLUDED!

Not only will ResumeBoss craft the perfect PA resume, it will help you draft the perfect professional cover letter as well.  Our streamlined, Q&A-style drafting process ensures a super simple writing experience using our "Big 5" cover letter writing technique.

Simply answer the question prompts provided by our cover letter builder, and in only minutes you'll be holding an outstanding cover letter perfect for your Dream Job.

You can even download and continue to update and modify your cover letter any way you like!

With our expertly crafted cover letter templates, you'll have the persuasive power to convince virtually ANY hiring manager to schedule an interview with you!

Write A New (Or Update Your Old) 
Physician Assistant Resume In Minutes.

See Why Others Use ResumeBoss:

"I've never had such a seamless experience creating a resume before ResumeBoss! The platform's user-friendly interface made it a breeze to craft a professional resume tailored to my PA career aspirations. It was intuitive and seamless from start to finish.  Highly recommend this game-changer for all PA job seekers!"

Matt G.

"ResumeBoss is a lifesaver! As a recent graduate, I was struggling to create a compelling resume that would catch employers' attention. But ResumeBoss's variety of templates and customization options made it easy to showcase my skills and achievements. The helpful tips provided valuable insights into crafting a standout resume. I'm so grateful for this incredible tool – it played a crucial role in landing my first job after graduation!"

Paul B. 

"I've used other resume-building templates in the past, but ResumeBoss is completely different! I's super easy to use and takes all the guess work out of getting a great resume in the done pile fast.  It has all the bullet points and other content that is perfect for me as a PA leader. But whether you're a new grad or an experienced PA, and I can't recommend ResumeBoss highly enough to get the job done fast!"

Alison F.

Frequently Asked Questions About ResumeBoss For Physician Assistants

 How do I create a professional resume using ResumeBoss?

  • Sign-up for a FREE trial account.
  • Select a suitable resume template that aligns with your liking and career level.
  • ​Enter your clinical speciality, subspecialty, personal information, including contact details, education, work experience, and skills.
  • ​Use the bullet point features to develop your resume structure, and customize the copy along with the sections, font sizes,​ colors, and layout to enhance visual appeal.
  • ​Review and edit your content to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • ​Save your resume in a preferred format (PDF, Word, etc.).
  • ​Proofread the final version for any errors before sharing or submitting it.

 What if I already have a PA resume but just want to update it?

You're in luck!  ResumeBoss will allow you to upload your current resume, which you can then use as a base to continue to modify and upgrade using our powerful ResumeBoss features.  You can even use your existing resume as a "core resume" which you can then tailor for specific jobs using "keywords" and "keyword phrases" unique to those opportunities and employers.  Each resume can have its own unique file name so that you can easily keep track of which unique resume was sent to each employer.  When you tailor your resume for a specific employer, you dramatically increase you chances of getting your resume past the HR gatekeeper, and into the hiring manager's hands!  

 Is ResumeBoss suitable for all industries and job positions?

No.  ResumeBoss is designed for physician assistants only.  While some aspects of ResumeBoss may work for other healthcare professionals that share clinical and patient care functions (i.e., nurse practitioners), it was designed exclusively for physician assistants. 

 Can I use ResumeBoss if I have no professional work experience?

Absolutely! ResumeBoss is particularly useful for PA students and new grad PAs with no professional work experience. It includes a clinical rotation section, and even gives you bullet point suggestions that you can use to express what you did while on rotation. If you lack professional experience, focus on highlighting your education, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, internships, volunteer work, and relevant skills using "keywords" and "keyword phrases" important to your Dream Job employer. ResumeBoss will guide you through the process and provide suggestions on what information to include to make your resume get noticed!

 Can I edit my resume in ResumeBoss even after its finished?

Yes, one of the advantages of using ResumeBoss is the ability to edit and update your resume whenever needed. You can easily modify your resume content, add "keywords," change font sizes and colors, add or remove information, employers, titles, dates of employment, and tailor it to specific job applications. ResumeBoss provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to make revisions effortlessly, ensuring your resume stays up-to-date and specifically tailored for your Dream Job.

 Can I make different versions of my resume for different employers?

100%. In fact we recommend creating specifically tailored resumes for each PA job of interest.  ResumeBoss was born out of the frustration hiring managers experience when viewing "cookie-cutter" resumes drafted from standard templates that don't "speak to" the job they are offering.  ResumeBoss allows you to create as many custom resumes as you wish, so that you can maximize the chances of cutting through the noise and getting your resume to the top of every pile.

 How will I know when my resume edit is done and ready for submission to an employer?

Simple.  Just use the ResumeBoss "Match Check Score" feature to compare your draft resume to the actual job description of interest.  ResumeBoss uses powerful AI technology to compare them using the same applicant tracking system design used by employers to block weak resumes from consideration, affectionally known as the "bot."  You can then use the "keyword" and "keyword phrase" suggestions to improve the match.  The closer your Match Check Score is to 100%, the more likely you will "Beat The Bot" and get your resume past the gatekeeper and into the hiring managers hands!

 How much does ResumeBoss cost?

ResumeBoss is FREE to try for 7 days.  After your free trail ends you will be billed $17 per month for access to our software until you choose to cancel your subscription.  You can cancel anytime by emailing us at with your intent to cancel.

 What if I want to end my free trail before my subscription begins?

If you want to end your ResumeBoss access before your paid subscription begins, the process is the same. Simply email us at with your intent to cancel before your free trial ends, and we will cancel your free trial immediately, your credit card will not be charged, and you'll have no further obligation.  

Just to make sure, we will email you 48 hours before your free trial ends to give you notice, and the option to cancel your subscription.  If you do not indicate your desire to cancel before the free trial ends, your credit card will be automatically charged $17 for the first month of service. Your subscription and the related charges will continue automatically on a monthly basis until you choose to cancel your subscription.  

 Is ResumeBoss secure and confidential?

Yes. ResumeBoss prioritizes the security and confidentiality of user data. We employ industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your personal information. It's essential to read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, and understand how we handle and store your data. Always exercise caution and avoid sharing sensitive information that is not necessary for your resume.

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